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Tourist Attractions
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Nature/Scenic Spots Zoo/Botanical Gardens/Gardens etc.
Famous Places/Historical Sites Art Galleries/General Museums
Specialised Museums/Science Museums coming soonTourist Information Centers/Roadside Stations
Parks/Campgrounds Markets/Shopping Streets etc.
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Day Trips to Hot Springs Locations (TV, cinema etc)
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Ramen Noodles
Soy Sauce Ramen Miso Ramen
coming soonSalt Ramen coming soonOther Original Ramen
Restaurants & Drinks
Izakaya (Traditional Japanese Pubs) Sushi
Genghis Khan Hotpot Ishikari Hotpot & Other Hotpot
Crab & Other Seafood Cuisine Yakiniku (Grilled Meat)/Horumonyaki (Grilled Offal)/Yakitori (Grilled Chicken)
Japanese Food Western Restaurants
Chinese Food Soba/Udon Noodles
Original/Ethnic (Curry etc.) Bento Boxes/Catering/Delivered Meals
Clubs/Bars Snack Bars/Pubs
Beer Halls Other
Cafes Ice Cream (Soft Serve & Other)
Cake (Western Sweets) Sweets
coming soonOther  
Alcoholic Beverages (Sake, Beer, etc.) Local Specialties
Farm Produce (Fresh or Processed) Seafood
Local Crafts (Woodcrafts, Ceramics, etc.) Miscellaneous Goods
Other Miscellaneous Production/Sale
Shooting (Photography/Filming) Rental
Security/Management Advertising/Printing

City Hotels Business Hotels
Japanese-Style Inns coming soonResort Inns
Hot Spring Accommodation coming soonOther


coming soonAirlines coming soonRailway (JR)
Buses/Location Buses/Rental Buses Taxis/Limousines
Car Rental coming soonBicycle Rental
coming soonRopeway/Other Airport/JR Stations/Roadside Stations

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Asahikawa Naka Furano
Shibetsu Minami Furano
Nayoro Shimukappu
Furano Wassamu
Takasu Kembuchi
Higashi Kagura Shimokawa
Toma Bifuka
Aibetsu Otoineppu
Kamikawa Nakagawa
Higashikawa Horokanai
Kami Furano  

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